Don’t Say Uhhhm

I am practicing a speech for a presentation on Surviving Multiple Personality Disorder. I made some note cards with large letters so I wouldn’t forget anything or be tempted to say


I will also be speaking about child abuse in front of ………uhhhm….the same group of friends and neighbors. I have been thinking back to my class on public speaking, and I remember…….uhhhm….that you’re never supposed to say ….’Uhhhm.’

So now I realize how much I actually say uhhhm. Pretty much two or three times in ….uhhhm every sentence.

I am starting today to ….uhhhm try to quit saying uhhhm. It is going to be an ….uhhhm uphill battle.

Do you say uhhhm a lot?

Other Multiples

If you know someone with multiple personalities, please tell them about my blog. I would like to connect with them