About Me

My name is Nancy DeLaval Miller and I have multiple personality disorder. I have written a book about the way I discovered my diagnosis. The book is entitled Multiple: A Christian’s Battle with Insanity.

I was abused when I was a child, and it’s mind bloggleing what the human mind will do to survive.  The main symptoms that caused me to seek help for my mental problems were the following:

  1. Extreme Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  2. Lack of trust in relationships
  3. Confusion and Dizziness
  4. Memory problems
  5. Fear of new people and places

If you were abused as a child and you suspect that you may have MPD or DID, find professional help if possible. Most states in the US have programs for mental health patients. that are partially or fully funded. You may also want to contact NAMI, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, which has offices in most major cities as well as a national website. They should be familiar with psychologists and psychiatrists that can help you.

My book MULTIPLE: A Christian’s Battle with Insanity is now available on AMAZON, or click here.

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Other Multiples

If you know someone with multiple personalities, please tell them about my blog. I would like to connect with them

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