It is much easier to start crying than it is to finish.


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  1. From The Pews
    Oct 07, 2014 @ 12:05:35

    It’s rather difficult to stop when one is gasping for breath and/or hiccuping from the sobs 😉
    Very wise words.


  2. Nancy DeLaval Miller
    Oct 08, 2014 @ 14:34:25

    Sounds depressing. Does that happen often?


  3. Jean Eisenhower
    Oct 08, 2014 @ 19:18:57

    Well, since crying is good for us, that’s not so bad. Worst is to never cry and never know what’s wrong with us. Now, to discover how to transform the tears into some useful action. Best to you, Nancy. Keep on. Supporting you.


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