Give Gifts to your Alters

We often talk about feeling like a kid at Christmas, but few of us are blessed to be able to become one when we want to. People with multiple personalities usually have a few alters who are still children. When they were abused they hid and are still available for fun and games in the right situations. Unfortunately, they can’t let their inner children come out in front of normal adults because the adults think they’re crazy. Imagine that!

I have several children inside me who love Christmas. Around the holidays I start to see ads for wonderful toys and these inner children want them. I cut out a few pictures of the things my little girls want. One personality, New Nancy, wants a Barbie Malibu Dream House.

Doll House

I also have an alter named Allen, a nine-year-old boy. He likes to play Indian so perhaps I could find a headdress for him. He also likes guns, airplanes and magic.

I think the best present to give a child alter is Play-Doh. This toy is inexpensive and can be used in most games as anything from play food to small sculpted objects.


If you have an alter who is still a child, try buying them an inexpensive toy this Christmas. I bet they’ll like it, and all of you will feel better. Please let me know how this plan works for you.



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  1. Faith
    Jan 12, 2014 @ 03:57:54

    My inside kids are treated to gifts all through out the year. We have 2 doll houses, one for the littles and one for the adults. There are all kinds of stuffed animals and things like that. Some of the boys around 9 yrs old like rocks and so there are rocks. My 12 year old is into fish and frogs so we have two aquariums. These activities are managed and do not overwhelm or overshadow times when we need to be an adult who appears normal like others perceive normal. I have found that when the littles are happy things in our system go well. When the littles are affected by something, are unhappy then the rest of the system is unhappy and unstable. They hold a lot of raw emotion that comes out when we are overwhelmed or triggered without it being guided and nurtured to resolution. I’ve found that happy safe feeling littles equals a happy, safe and well functioning adult system. Buy toys, keep things in perspective.
    Nice article.


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