Bad Words

Thank you followers for giving me some time off to deal with my husband’s surgery. He was diagnosed with cancer and we have gone through a very stressful time during the last two months. He is doing well, and his surgeon got all the cancer, but he is now taking chemotherapy every two weeks for six months.

I am writing a stream-of-consciousness blog with bad words about what we have been going through since December of last year.

Pain, doctor’s appointments, Cat Scan, sickness, trouble breathing, fatigue, missing work, anxiety, prescriptions, antibiotics, x-rays, diseased tissue, fear, colonoscopy, surgery, tests, cancer, incision, blood, hospital, medicine, blood work, doctor, stress test, ultrasound, discomfort, diet, chemotherapy, nausea, infusion, intravenous, IV drip, cancer center.

There, I’ve got it all out of my system for awhile.


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