Scatter-Brained or Part Deranged?

I started laughing this morning even before I got out of bed. Before that, I lay awake a long time contemplating my problem. It all started when my grand-children came this summer and I taught them to play Chinese Checkers. I laid out the circular metal board and then got out the marbles, which I keep in a heart-shaped, blue paisley print paper-maché box. It’s really pretty and I love it, and we had fun playing the game, but when I started to put the marbles back in the box, I noticed it was very dusty and dirty. I remember deciding I needed to wash it before I put the marbles away.

Last week I dreamed that I had washed the box and it had turned to mush. In the dream I straightened it out as best as I could, and was trying to figure out where to set it, so it could dry. I dreamed I had laid it on the ping pong table in the garage.

This morning I had another dream about this box. How Freudian is that? I was looking all over the house for it and I couldn’t find it. My marbles were spilling all over the place. As I woke I was wondering if my husband Bob had thrown out the mushy remains. When I finally was fully awake this morning my first thought was,

“I’ve lost my marbles!” I laid there and laughed about it for awhile. Talk about scatter brained.

Then, out loud I said, “Where are my marbles?”

Did I really wash the box and if so, where was it? And where did I put the marbles? I hopped out of bed and went into the next room where I keep the box under the lingerie chest. What better place for your favorite box? It wasn’t there.

“Oh no! I’ve lost my marbles!” I thought of going out to the garage to look, but I was still in my jamies. Finally, I looked in the place where it would most likely be, if it wasn’t in the place where it was supposed to be; in the toy chest. I opened the chest and there it was, completely intact with all the marbles in it. It hadn’t been washed into mush after all!

Oh sweet relief! I didn’t lose my marbles after all!

Does anyone else have problems separating dreams from reality? It seems like it must be a symptom of being crazy, or just taking too many medications. What do you think?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Greta
    Oct 09, 2012 @ 13:32:07

    I have the same problem, sometimes when I wake up I think what I was dreaming actually happened and it take awhile to sort it out. Since I don’t take medications, it must be too many mushrooms.


  2. nancyola
    Oct 09, 2012 @ 16:52:36

    I’ll have to be careful of them, too!


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