The Derecho, Mayhem from the Wild Blue Yonder

We were just sitting down to a quiet meal on Friday, June 29th , and it was pleasant and sunny outside. All of a sudden, the wind started blowing and mayhem descended from the sky.

“I think you better put the umbrella down,” I said to my husband, who was heading to the table with his plate. “It looks like a bad storm is coming.”

Bob ran outside and started wrestling with the umbrella on the patio table, but the wind kicked up so fast he could hardly get it under control. Watching from the sliding glass door, I saw the wind whip around like a madman and then the thunder, lightning and rain came in. When Bob ran over to close the garage doors, he looked like he was going to blow away.

At one point the wind came towards the patio like a fist. It punched in, stopped, and blew the other way. In the time it took Bob to close the garage doors, branches and leaves blew into the garage and covered the floor.

By the time he got back inside, the storm was in full force and blowing torrents of rain and seventy mile-an-hour gusts of wind. Two trees fell down in the back yard. We watched in shock hoping it wasn’t a tornado and praying the roof wouldn’t blow off the house. I haven’t seen wind that strong before, even during a tropical storm in Florida.

Within minutes the power went off. We resigned ourselves to no TV and got out our Coleman camping lantern. I did the dishes right away, because the light was waning and the lantern didn’t help much. The room temperature was not too high that first night, because the storm cooled things off, but the second day it got really hot in our house.

Tomorrow: The Heatwave that Followed.


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