Crust View Acres

Today many home buyers are up against the wall:  housing prices are going higher and higher, and buyers are receiving less and less for their money. Consumers looking for a new home must be careful because blueprints may call for a 2-bedroom hacienda, but in actuality the home may end up having only half of each bedroom. If you slide your home in next to the neighbor’s house you will get a whole home, which is fine if the house is owned by your relatives or friends. Or not!

You and your contractor may plan for standard 4 ½ ” walls, but you unknowingly end up with 2” walls, and if you have young boys, these will soon have unsightly holes from one room to another, easing communication, but ruining the interior design. After a few weeks, the roof will start leaking and the AC will konk out.

To avoid noticing these and other problems, I recommend Crust View Acres, a new substandard division near Sinking Corners. The homes cost less than standard homes but have an excellent location. All the homes have a stunning view of the upper-crust homes on the next hill. When you live in a Crust-View home you will “feel” like you live in a mansion, while you’ll only be paying for a substandard home. You can wake up in the morning and gaze over at expansive lawns, huge mansions and well-kept swimming pools. As long as you don’t focus within twenty feet in front of you, you will “think” you live in a mansion.

Watch the television show “Holmes on Homes” for an education on what contractors will do to cut corners and make a profit. And remember “People who live in glass houses should buy drapes.”


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