Rattling on about Nap-apnea

You’ve heard of sleep apnea, where you stop breathing suddenly while you’re asleep. I think I have nap-apnea, where I take a nap suddenly, when I’m supposed to be awake.

I get really tired in the evening and I often fall victim to nap-apnea on the sofa while watching TV. My husband is usually sitting with me, but he often finds me asleep during parts of the show. I also usually have the part of the food chain called Popcorn. I love this food. I don’t think it can make you fat. It’s really just a bunch of corn seeds that have been heated. So, I tell myself I’m just eating a ¼ cup of seeds. It just seems like a bowl full of yummy popcorn.

One night I had a nap-apnea attack while eating my popcorn. My husband turned to look at me and my head was hanging down, my hand was next to my mouth and I was holding a piece of popcorn to my lips. And I was asleep, mid-bite.

“Nancy?” he said. I woke up and realized I had a bite on my lips, so I ate it hastily. Why waste time laughing (or crying) about it? It was funny. We had a good laugh, I finished my popcorn and we watched the end of the show.


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