My Eyeballs

After spending the last 400,724 hours setting up my blog and beginning to write my post, my eyeballs hurt. I usually dip them in coffee, but today I just drank my usual single solitary cup. It seems to taste different when I use it first as an eyeball refresher.

Does your consciousness seem like a kaleidoscope? Do your eyes become overwhelmed by the many colors and continual movement of the landscape, or of a room with people in it? I imagine there are people with more peaceful vision than I have.  I am looking at things with more than one pair of eyes, since my personalities may be competing for the use of MY EYEBALLS.

Oh, pardon me, I forgot to mention that I am addicted to the video game Zuma. It’s an eyeball workout if there ever was one, but I’m sure playing for hours has nothing to do with  my eyestrain.


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